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Old Barrel Hand Pump Sprayer
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Very Rare!
Photo One
Photo Two
Photo Three

Ebossed with "WOODIN" & "LITTLE"
Photo Four

Ebossed with "SAN FRANCISCO" and the Numbers "2" (left) & "905" (right)
Photo Five
This turn of the century barrel pump was used as a sprayer. The pumps flange (clearly visible in photos 3 and 4) was bolted to supports. The pump was then placed into a drum with the supports resting on the drum's rim. The liquid spray was mixed in the drum.
As the handle was raised and lowered the liquid spray was pumped up into the cylindrical housing at top and then, under pressure, forced through an outlet at bottom of the same cylindrical housing. (Outlet fitting is 1/2 inch; but looks as if it may be adaptable up to 3/4). At the same time, the handle also worked a rod which was attached to an agitator mechanism at bottom of pump (clearly visible in photos 1 and 2).

The agitator consists of two wooden paddles which swish back and forth as the pump handle is raised and lowered, insuring that the spray ingredients remained well mixed. Although this item will need new packing for the packing gland, it is in excellent condition for its age. Pump action is not frozen and works freely. There are no cracks. All original except for a couple of cotter pins, bolts and the two wooden agitator paddles which are made of redwood.

I've looked far and wide and have been unable to locate another one of these!

Please e-mail me with any questions.

Buyer to pay S&H from zip code 95932 (weighs about 66 pounds, including crating); Insurance Opt.; M/O next day service; Checks 7-10 days.

Payments must be postdated no later than 7 days at close of auction.