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Me, James. Since I was behind the camera in all of the pictures below, I thought I'd include this one, which I took today at my place.
We gathered for Christmas at Russell and Shot's. Shot had a real nice dinner prepared. Most of us were there. George and Deb had dinner at their home this year for Deb's side of the family and their friends. LaVonne's daughter Carrie and her fiancÚ Donnie had to work.

Beneath the aluminum foil was a Black Forest Ham. This was the first time I'd even heard of such a ham. The outside was black, looking as if it had been burned but it wasn't. I found it to be delicious!We also had macaroni salad, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, peas, green beans, corn, gravy, cranberry sauce, and biscuits; not to mention the pies not pictured...Shot had a real nice spread!
Shot set up the back yard patio for a "Smoking Area" but I don't think anyone needed to use it.LaVonne's son Chris and his wife Crystal are to the right, their daughter Taylor is to the left, and then Shot.
Another picture of Chris and Crystal.Chris and Crystal's two daughters, Taylor and Caitlyn.
Shot with her grandson, Aiden.Shawn and Nanci's son, Aiden.
Shot and Mom gabbing.Mom trying to keep up with her great grandson, Aiden.
Russell and Shot's son Shawn with his son Aiden.Shawn's wife Nanci.
Russell and Mom ate their dinner in the living room. Then Russell kicked back for some good ol' television.Even the girls (Caitlyn & Taylor) sat down for some TV........until.....
.....Aiden decided to stand in front of the TV and start yelling...........then it was back to playing.
We all had a great time!(Russell and Shot's tree)

From All of Us!!

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