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Austin Celebrates
His 5th Birthday

January 6, 2003

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The Cake......

Austin-MomGrandma LaVonne Lights the Candles
Mom and I
Grandma Lights the Candles
Austin Makes a WishAustin Blows Out the Candles
Austin Makes a Wish
All Candles Extinguished
With Some Air to Spare

Grandma LaVonne Cuts the Cake......

LaVonne Cuts the CakeAustin Speaks to California Grandparents on Phone
Ummm.....Finger Lickin' Good!
Austin on Phone With His Dad, Cameron and Grandparents in California
Austin Makes a Wish
While eating cake, Austin got a phone call from His Dad, Grandpa Richard, and Grandma Kate wishing him a Happy Birthday. Austin also learned that his dad had mailed him a present but it had not yet arrived.
Cake After First Wave Attack

On To Opening The Presents......

Austin Opening a PresentAustin Showing Everyone What He Got
Hmmm....Sure Hope the Next One is a Bit Easier to Open!
A Power Rangers' Jigsaw Puzzel!
Austin Opening the next presentAustin holding up his new gift
Good....No Ribbons to Wrestle With!
Awesom! A Die Cast Military Play Set!
Austin Still Examing His Military Play SetAustin Begins Opening the Next One
This One is Going to be Fun!
Ok.....What's next?
Austin Opening the Big OneAustin holding up his new gift
Now....For the Big One!
Cool.... A LEGOS Play Table Set!
Austin Still Examing His Military Play SetAustin Begins Opening the Next One
Sure is Big!
I Wonder Where Mom is Going to Let Me Set This One Up At?

Now That the Presents are All Openned......
On To Some Play Time......

Austin Playing Basket BallAustin Playing Basket Ball
It's up....up......and......
Where'd The Ball Go??
Austin Equipping a Scuba DiverAustin Putting a Part Together
Lets see....This Goes Here....
..And This Goes Together Like So....
Austin Shows Scuba Diver to EveryoneAustin Playing
Ta Da.....Here He Is!
It's Been a Fun Day!

The Following Day......
A Package Arrives From His Dad, Cameron........It's a "Home Depot Builder Toolset"
Thanks Dad!!

Austin Upacks Dad's GiftGrandma Helps
It's Packed Pretty Tight........
Grandma Helps......
Austin Still Struggles Freeing Tools from PackagingAustin Still Struggleing
They Should Come Out Now......
...Nope....So, What's the Deal Here?
Austin Finds Some Wire Ties Holding the Items In PlaceAustin Untwists the Wires
Ahhh...Wire Ties Holding Items in Place!
Untwisting The Wire Ties Took Care of the Problem!
Grandma Helps Load Austin's Tool BeltAustin Putes On Safety Goggles
Grandma Helps Load Austin's Tool Belt....
Safety Goggles are a Must!
Austin Trys Out the Tape MeasureAustin Playing with the Tools
Yep.....Looks Like It'll Fit....
Grandma...I'll Have Your Dishwasher
Moved in a Jiffy!
And...Don't Worry About This Mess..
Grandpa Will Clean it Up!

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