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Easter Eggs Easter With Chris & Family
April 19, 2003

Easter Eggs

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Posing With the Easter Bunny

Caitlyn, Easter Bunny, and Taylor
Caitlyn...Are these Rabbit Whiskers Tickling Your Cheeks Like They are Mine?

Checking Out Our Easter Stash

Caitlyn checking out her Easter BasketTaylor checking out her Easter Basket

I Wonder if Caitlyn Noticed Dad Sneaking Some Candy?

Looks Like Dad Has Already Visited One of Taylor's Baskets!??

Posing For Mom

CaitlynCaitlyn and TaylorTaylor
Mom....Bet You Can't Guess What I Have Behind My Back!
Yep......We Love Each Other!!


Hitching a Ride With Our Cousin

Taylor, Nathan, and Caitlyn
Hope Nathan Doesn't Mind
Two Back Seat Drivers!?

Happy Easter From the Chris Frazier Family!

Taylor, Chris, and CaitlynTaylor, Crystal, Caitlyn, and Chris

Taylor, Chris, and Caitlyn

Taylor, Crystal, Caitlyn, and Chris

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