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Carrie & Donnie
May 2002

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Carrie and Donnie April 1997 Donnie and I met about 1994 and have been together ever since.

The photos below were taken by my Uncle James during one of his visits. This visit was in May of 2002.

Carrie and Donnie April 1997

Donald watching TV Laura was dusting - She's a big help around the house Michael was putting on some socks
Donnie and I have been helping to care for Donnie's niece and nephews. They've been with us since about January of this year.
We've enjoyed them a lot. Left to right is Donald, Laura, and Michael.

Speedy - Donnie's Iquana Our dog, Princess
We also have some pets. Among them is Donnie's Iquana, Speedy
and our dog, Princess.

Uncle James and I worked on a puzzle Donnie fixing Laura's hair
Uncle James and I worked on a jig saw puzzle. Later, Donnie helped Laura get ready for a visit with her mother by fixing her hair.

Donnie cranking some Country and Western music I was dressed and getting ready to leave for work as Dispatcher for the Sheriff's Office
Donnie showed Uncle James his sound system by cranking up some Country and Western music. I had to work for 4 hours this day. I was dressed and almost ready to head out the door.

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